Expert says that email marketing is the best way of building relationships with customers. Email marketing is still the first choice when it comes to the marketing industry's preferred method of online communication, it has been noted. Search engine optimization ranked in second place, while social networking and blogging came in third. 



Most companies, now days communicating with their customer through email communication. They are sending coupon and deals. Social Networking websites like YouTubeSecond LifeFaceBookTwitter andMySpace are popular way to communicate with the customers.


There are a lot of companies which provide business email. These hosting services offer a low cost alternative to Exchange. They provide up to 100GBs of email storage per mailbox along with IMAP, POP3, SMTP, WebMail all with secure email connections available.

Email marketing is cheap, fast, targeted and track able. Companies can only send email marketing to the customer who subscribe on their website or bought their product in past.


Michael Miller said that,” Most mail marketing is a form of direct marketing. You’re using the email not to increase brand awareness or simply drive traffic to your website but rather to solicit direct sales of a particular product”.

Companies' propensity to still make liberal use of traditional methods of communication may well underscore the need for effective address validation tools and techniques.


The Post noted: "Overall, the survey suggests that, while marketing managers are expanding their online portfolios, they are not necessarily scaling back on tried and tested options, such as email."


In addition to email features, these companies also offer groupware functionality through a calendar application, contacts management, tasks and notes.